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Virtual Prayer Room

Virtual Prayer Room


5:00am - 10:00pm
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Upcoming dates

08 July,  09 July,  10 July,  11 July,  12 July,  13 July,  14 July,  15 July,  16 July


Starting on the 19th March and continuing until the foreseeable future, we are launching a Virtual Prayer Room to help build some structure and support to our individual and corporate prayer lives. You can sign up for your hour of prayer at the following here.

We want to fill 5 am – 10 pm Monday to Sunday if we can, so please fill up blank slots before you double up on others. There will be a corresponding Prayer Room WhatsApp that you will be added to when you sign up for your slot. On that WhatsApp we will be feeding prayer requests, ways to pray in this season, etc. Feel free to leave the WhatsApp if you wish, but we wanted to make sure you had what you needed for informed intercession.

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