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Personal and Family Prayer Resources

We are encouraged in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to “pray continually”, and sometimes it can be hard to do that due to life circumstances or hopelessness in the world around us. It can actually be quite overwhelming and we sometimes simply don’t have the words to pray.

Whilst we can rejoice in Jesus who intercedes on our behalf (see Romans 8:26-27), we can also help each other on our prayer journeys. We hope you find the resources below useful.

Resources we love!

  • 24-7 Prayer – a bundle of resources to aid prayer in response to coronavirus and the needs of the world in times of crisis.
  • Lectio 365 – A daily devotional app to help individuals and families pray the Bible every day.
  • Inner Room – catalyse and organise your prayer life with this free prayer app designed to help you to turn your mobile phone into a portable prayer tool.
  • Prayer Spaces at Home – activities created for families to use at home.
  • The Prayer Shield – 365 Prayers and declarations for the UK by 365 leaders.

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