Yvonne Arnaud and Hoe Valley School – Emmaus Rd

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Yvonne Arnaud and Hoe Valley School

We are excited to be offering our church family the opportunity to gather again in person to watch our Sunday sermon, respond to LIVE WORSHIP and be in the prophetic experience as we respond to the Holy Spirit.

The team have worked hard to ensure that we are following the Government Covid-Safe Guidelines on opening the Yvonne Arnaud and Hoe Valley School. 


Tickets are now available to book throughout the whole of November for Yvonne Arnaud and Hoe Valley School.

What to expect

In line with Government guidelines, we have put Covid-safe protocols in place to ensure the safety of our visitors and team.

Doors will be open by 10am, you will need to scan your QR code in order to gain entry and be seated by 10.15am.

We will be showing the Sunday Live Stream, having live worship, there will be a Pastor hosting you and we’ll be responding to the prophetic and the Holy Spirit.

We would like you to have downloaded the NHSCOVID-19 app and you must wear a face covering. You are not allowed to sing, however, we will be blessed to listen to the worship music from the live stream and respond in our hearts. If you are unable to download the app please still book tickets and notify us by emailing info@emmausrd.com.



Can I bring my children?

Due to Government restrictions, we are not providing any onsite Kids Church experience. If your children want to sit in the main service with you, they are welcome, you are required to book them an additional ticket and ensure they follow all the guidelines.

What is the maximum number of tickets I can book?

There is no upper limit on the number of tickets you can book, although there should be no mixing of households and we are abiding by the Rule of Six, we do appreciate that some households have more than six people and your legally-permitted support bubble may also increase your number.


How do I download the NHSCOVID-19 app?

To download the app, visit the App Store on your iPhone, or the Google Play Store on your Android phone. The app is only available on smartphones, and cannot be used on a smartwatch or tablet. Open the search screen and type “NHS Covid-19”. Then download the app on your phone.

I can’t download the NHSCOVID-19 app, can I still attend?

You will be able to attend, however, please first inform us that you will not have the app on your phone by emailing info@emmausrd.com. However, we would prefer people to have the app if at all possible.

Is my data secure and how will it be used?

Attendance data will be stored for 21 days and processed in line with our Privacy Notice.


What happens if I forget my face covering?

We will have some disposable face coverings for anyone who forgets their own.

Can I sing?

The Government have advised that singing and talking in a raised voice potentially increase the risk of transmission from aerosol and droplets, therefore we will not permit congregational worship, however, worship in your heart is encouraged!

What happens if I feel unwell in the service?

If at any point in the lead up to the service, during the service or immediately after the service you develop any of the Coronavirus symptoms, we ask that you leave the building immediately, limiting your contact with others as much as possible.

Can I speak and interact with people at the service?

It is crucial that you stay 2 meters away from people outside of your household or support bubble. The rules of the venues are that people do not gather and mingle and for people to be seated as soon as they arrive and leave promptly. You will not be permitted to linger outside of the venues after the service, however if you see someone you know, you can say hello from a 2 meter distance.

Will I be able to take communion?

We are unable to offer communion at the service due to the increased risk of transmission of Coronavirus. However, you can still say the words in your heart and we would encourage you to take communion when you get home.

Will you take my temperature?

Yes we will be taking everyone’s temperature as they come through our check-in process.

What happens if I have a high temperature?

If you have a temperature of 38C or above, we will not permit you to enter the venue and advise you to follow Government guidelines.