24-7 Prayer Communities

Emmaus Rd belongs to the international network of 24-7 Prayer Communities, a worldwide family of churches, monasteries and, missional communities, all centred on a rhythm of prayer whilst seeking to make a measurable difference amongst the poor and the lost.

This growing network is supported by an international team of experienced leaders, which gives us support, advice and accountability. Our external overseer is currently Roger Ellis, a respected leader from Revelation Church in Chichester and the founder of Fusion (the student movement). He meets with our leaders regularly.

Our beliefs are best expressed in the life of Jesus, depicted in the gospels, and in the words of the Nicene Creed, shared by all his followers for more than 1500 years.

Our vision is driven by 3 core Christian priorities and 6 radical practices shared by all 24-7 communities. Take a look at the 24-7 Prayer website if you’d like to know more about 24-7 prayer communities.