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Our youth team run fantastic youth work on Sundays, fun youth clubs and small groups during the week, plus regular outings to things like ice skating, camping trips, Wildfires and more. There’s something safe and fun for every age group, whether or not you’re used to church.

Joel and the team also work in lots of the local schools during the week, supporting young people one-to-one, so they’re well known and popular throughout the area!

We want to see a generation of young people encounter God and discover who they are!

Our youth and children’s workers are DBS checked and trained to ensure maximum child safety in all our activities.



In both our Guildford and Woking Congregations we provide fun activities for all ages. For youth in year 6-9 we run youth church. We have snacks, games consoles, loads of games, time to hang out with friends, worship and we learn about what it means to follow Jesus. There are also groups for 0-10 year olds.

Youth Collectives

Collectives are our midweek discipleship groups for 10-18 year olds. We meet every Monday or Tuesdays, hang out and explore what it means to follow Jesus. There are currently 5 Youth Collectives:

Year 6+7 Collective (Monday)
Year 8 Collective (Tuesday)
Year 9+10 Collective (Tuesdays)
Year 11+12 Collective (Mondays)
Year 13+ Collective (Tuesdays)

To get involved in a youth Collective just get in touch with

Emmaus Rd Youth Podcast.

Check out the Emmaus Rd Youth Podcast below. It can also be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, where Joel, Hope and the team play silly games and chat about some of the big topics affecting Young people today


Now more than ever is the time to be following @emmrdyouth on Instagram. Daily devotionals, fun challenges, inspiring stories and funny videos is some of the content we'll be posting. Come and join us by simply clicking the image below to be taken to our page.




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Younger Youth Journal

We're passionate our EmmausRd Youth at helping young people engage with and encounter God though their bibles. Thats why we've created a series of downloadable journals. With a bible passage, discussion questions and space to dive deeper into applying passages of the bible to their lives, we're hoping it will be a really helpful tool that young people can use to help bring the bible to life. Save them, download them, print them, scribble or just read them. Whatever takes your fancy YY Journal - Outrageous Miracles - E1/YY Journal - Outrageous Miracles - E2/YY Journal - Outrageous Miracles - E3/ YY Journal - Outrageous miracles - E4

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Please Note: Emmaus Rd takes the safety of children, young people and adults with care and support needs very seriously. For details of how we do this, you can access our safeguarding policy here.