Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

Hey guys, my name is Tracy.

Just wanted to share a little story about what happened at Kingdom Come back in February last year. I took a group of young people along to Kingdom Come so that they could experience a different kind of church to what they are used to.

It was in the middle of the worship that the speaker spoke about receiving prayer. Two of the girls turned to me and asked if they could go down. I led them down stairs and the team introduced themselves to the girls. Without any real information, the prayer team started to pray and the girls burst into tears. What the team had said spoke straight to their heart about their situation without really knowing them.

The girls asked “How did they know that stuff?” I replied, “God knows everything and He used those girls to speak out that He sees you, and knows your struggles. He is with you in everything even when we don’t see Him or understand Him”. “I want to ask Him into my life they both replied and they did”.

Kingdom Come changed the lives of those young people in big ways. They have been baptized, confirmed and are on a life long journey of relationship with Jesus.