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#lovewoking and the Big Alpha

#lovewoking and the Big Alpha

About a year ago we started to dream about what could happen if as a church we went “big” on Alpha. This idea was wrapped up in the call we all felt as a leadership team to start to look towards the town of Woking with real intentionality and see those who don’t yet have relationship with Jesus, step into this.

So, we started to plan and scheme about how we could do this and then at our “Big Sunday” in June we announced to the church about our plan to do a “Big Alpha” in October. Part of this plan was to prayer walk and leaflet drop the whole of Woking. We ordered thousands of leaflets and we got to work. As well as doing this we got some sunglasses custom made with the word brave on them. Each Sunday we have made space for people to share stories of how they have invited people to Alpha on their prayer walk or in their everyday life.

Since we started doing this in August, we have not had a Sunday where we haven’t had at least one story of someone stepping out and sharing their faith and inviting someone to Alpha. Some of these have been stories of people stepping out and being rejected, but some of these have been stories of people saying ‘yes’ and signing up to attend.

As a church family we are all super excited for what will happen on the 8th October (our first night). We had to cancel out last Alpha course half way through because we had no one attend from week 2 onwards. As I write this blog, we are currently on over 60 people signed up to attend, however, the prayer is bigger than a successful Alpha. The prayer is for the town of Woking and the surrounding area, we are praying to see the Kingdom of God come in this area and that is why we are prayer walking the streets. We are positioning ourselves, physically and spiritually to see the harvest as people start to say ‘yes’ to Jesus and step into the life He brought for them.