Student Prayer

Student Prayer

I spend a lot of time on Surrey University Campus, meetings people, walking, praying. It is one of the great privileges of my role as a student pastor. In all my time on campus, I have found that people have never been more open to prayer and hearing about Jesus than right now.

Recently I was walking on the outskirts of campus and felt prompted to talk to a couple of guys walking down the street. After talking for a short while, I offered to pray for them, they quickly accepted. This is how I started,

‘Just before we pray, I want to let you know that often when we pray God starts speaking, after, I’d love to tell you what God thinks about you, how does that sound?’. They felt puzzled but excited.

So we prayed. Not long prayers, short, simple prayers and after – true to His nature – God started to speak. Turning to one man I said ‘I feel like God is showing me that you are such a great friend and that you care deeply, so deeply that sometimes it hurts to be in relationship because others don’t feel the same. I also feel like you’re the life of every party, so much so that people feel like they have to wait until you arrive until the party can begin’. Turning to the other guy, I shared what I felt for him too.

There was a pause.

Each friend looked at me, asking me the same question, ‘How did you know that about my friend?’. God is speaking words of love over everyone in our city and the students are part of that. 25,000 students who are sitting in Guildford, primed and ready to experience the love of Jesus. These two guys, woke up that day not knowing that they were about to realise that there is a God that knows and loves them more than anything! No doubt they went to bed with a knowledge that they are seen, they have a purpose and that they are unconditionally loved.

I believe that this is the heart of God. I believe that this is Psalm 139:18 in action. God revealing that He really does have more thoughts about us than the grains of sand on the shores, God revealing that He doesn’t just think them, but He wants to partner with us to speak them over His kids.

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