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Living Faith Series

Jesus said it’s how you move mountains. Martin Luther said it’s how you are saved. Bon Jovi said you’ve got to keep it, and George Michael said you’ve gotta have it. ‘Without faith,’ said the writer of Hebrews, ‘it is impossible to please God.’ (11:6). So how do we grow in faith? And how do we flex our faith muscles without kissing our brains goodbye? In this important series, we journey through the Hall of Fame in Hebrews 11-12, learning lessons for life and faith from some of the greatest Biblical heroes.
Jill Weber
29 July 2018

Jill Weber, our head of prayer and spiritual formation, and convener of the Order of the Mustard Seed, explains how imperfect faith can be perfected as we fix our eyes on Jesus.

Bill Cahusac
22 July 2018

Bill Cahusac demonstrates how God can use anyone who will trust him such as this prostitute who is used to advance the purpose of God. Don’t count yourself out of God’s plan. He can use every one of us!

Joanna Callender
15 July 2018

Joanna Callender, communications officer for 24-7 Prayer, draws valuable lessions from the life of Moses and shares encouraging reminders of what it means to live by faith.

Abraham & Sarah
Pete Greig
8 July 2018

Learning from the example of Abraham and Sarah, Pete Greig unpacks how we can believe for the impossible, how we can trust in the promise of God for our lives, and how we can trust him for eternity.

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