Love Your Neighbour

Aldershot Sunday Gathering at Park Church

We’re so excited to be able to worship together as Emmaus Rd Aldershot, we hope you can join us on Sunday to celebrate being a church family together.

In the FAQs below you’ll find answers to some questions you might have. We really hope you can join us throughout the summer.

Book your socially distanced seat!

Gatherings are back to normal, you can just show up, however if you’re feeling hesitant, you can still book a socially distanced seat for you and anyone in your party. We advise booking early to avoid disappointment and please let us know if you have to cancel your booking so we can make your seat available again.

What to expect

Where: Park Church, Church Lane East, Aldershot, GU11 3ST.

When: Every Sunday throughout the summer at 3:30-4:30pm, with refreshments from 3pm

What: Our Sunday Gatherings will be pretty simple. We’ll be serving refreshments from 3pm before heading indoors for a 10 minute high energy kids bit. For the rest of the service there will loads of super fun activities for kids out in the garden (supervised by parents) whilst the rest of us spend some time worshiping together indoors. We’ll be all wrapped up by 4:30pm when there will be a bit more time to hang out outside.

We’ll do a bunch of other socials through the summer too, more details on that coming soon!

In line with Government advice, we have put Covid-safe protocols in place to ensure the safety of our visitors and team.

Doors will open from 3pm for refreshments, we will ask you to scan the NHS QR code using the NHS COVID app on arrival, and we encourage you to wear a face covering. If you are unable to download the app please still book tickets if you would like a socially distanced seat and notify us by emailing



Where will we be meeting?

We’ll be using Park Church’s building. It’s lovely and big and has a great garden for the kids! The address is:

Park Church

Church Lane East



GU11 3ST

What time will we be meeting?

Over the summer we’ll be meeting 3:30-4:30pm with refreshments outside from 3pm. From September we are planning to move our Gatherings to Sunday mornings.

Why can’t we meet on Sunday mornings over the summer?

We’ve had a few complications with venues because of the restrictions not easing quite as quickly as we hoped and not being able to fit in the venue we were planning to use. Park Church have very kindly offered us their larger venue but it isn’t available in the mornings over the summer.


What will the format of the services be?

Over the summer we want to make the gatherings places where everyone has fun, family is built and where we can lay the foundations of our gatherings going forward. As it’s the first time in a while that many will be able to go away on holiday or visit friends and family, the plan is to keep the gatherings as simple as possible. They will be one hour long, including 10 minutes of high energy kids worship and a game, then once the kids have gone to enjoy the garden we will worship some more, have a short talk or interview and some response time.

Can I help out?

Yes! There are lots of opportunities to serve and help make the Gatherings happen. Over the summer we’ll be beginning to build the team and there are three main areas to get involved in.

Welcome team will be responsible for set up and pack down, refreshments, welcoming people and helping people to remember the various covid rules. If you’d like to join the Welcome team, click this link to join the team WhatsApp group and you’ll receive more info.

Kids team will be responsible for the kids provision. Over the summer this will be very low key and supported by Emmaus Rd’s central kids team, but we would love to start building the team ready for September. If you’re interested in joining the team or are a parent, click this link to join the Kids team WhatsApp and receive more info.

Worship team will be responsible for helping us to worship. This includes the band, the sound team and the visuals team. Over the summer the band will be small and we’ll keep things simple but we’d love to start building up the team. If you like to get involved, click this link to join the team WhatsApp group and to receive more info.

Will we have some other fun stuff going on outside of the Sunday Gatherings?

We’d love to do some social events through the summer like BBQs and picnics, possibly on Sundays before church. Our hope is that we’ll be able to do three or four of these through the summer and we’ll get details to you ASAP. Also, if you don’t have kids to go home and put to bed after the services, I’m sure some of us will head to the pub or something else fun!


Can I bring my children?

Over the summer we want to make church fun for everyone! For kids, we will do a 10 minute up front, high energy slot for the whole family right at the start of the service and then for the rest of the time there will be awesome activities outside in the garden and marquee for kids to enjoy. We’ll have a couple of members of the kids team to facilitate some activities but kids will remain the responsibility of parents at all times. The garden is brilliant with lots of space, fully fenced in and a big marquee we’ll put up.

What is the maximum number of tickets I can book?

There is no upper limit on the number of tickets you can book, although we have limited capacity for socially distanced seating.


How do I download the NHSCOVID-19 app?

To download the app, visit the App Store on your iPhone, or the Google Play Store on your Android phone. The app is only available on smartphones, and cannot be used on a smartwatch or tablet. Open the search screen and type “NHS Covid-19”. Then download the app on your phone.

I can’t download the NHSCOVID-19 app, can I still attend?

You will be able to attend, however, we would prefer people to have the app if at all possible.

Is my data secure and how will it be used?

Attendance data will be stored for 21 days and processed in line with our Privacy Notice.


What happens if I forget my face covering?

In line with government guidelines, masks are optional but are being encouraged while Covid cases are still increasing, particularly for indoor gatherings. In this, let us extend grace and sensitivity to each other.

We will have some disposable face coverings for anyone who forgets their own.

Can I sing?

We will be encouraging singing with or without a mask!

What happens if I feel unwell in the service?

If at any point in the lead up to the service, during the service or immediately after the service you develop any of the Coronavirus symptoms, we ask that you leave the building immediately, limiting your contact with others as much as possible.

Can I speak and interact with people at the service?

This is still a time of considerable uncertainty, so we would ask that if you are coming, that you will considerate towards others who are there. For example, although you may want to shake hands or hug someone, check first that they are comfortable with that. In all that we do, we want to look after and honour each other.

Will I be able to take communion?

We are unable to offer communion at the service due to the increased risk of transmission of Coronavirus. However, you can still say the words in your heart and we would encourage you to take communion when you get home.

Will you take my temperature?

We will no longer be measuring temperatures.

What happens if I have a high temperature?

If you have a temperature of 38C or above, please remain at home.