Off Script Series

We have so many amazing people around Emmaus, and sometimes it's great to simply have them speak to us about whatever may be on their heart at that time, so we're bunching those talks together as Off Script. Enjoy!
Open Sunday: Mental Health
Bill Cahusac
14 October 2018

Following World Mental Health Day, Bill hosts a panel made up of 3 people in the Emmaus community with a wide variety of experience on the subject.

The People Of Praise
Adam Cox
5 November 2017

Adam is the leader of Navah Church, KC, part of the Boiler Room network. This is one of the best talks you will ever hear on the power of praise!

Anything On His Heart
Josh Heather
29 October 2017
The Slow Gospel
Sammy Greig
17 September 2017

In an increasingly fast paced world, Sammy reminds us of the importance of the Slow Gospel.

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